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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Attend a Summer Camp for Continuing to Develop Literacy Skills

Silicon Valley is an international community with broad cultural diversity. The team at First Focus provides a series of unique reading weekly camps during the Summer, June 26-August 12. The purpose of these camps is to provide a fun and social educational experience designed specifically to begin or advance a child’s English literacy skills.

The First Focus JumpStart Reading Camps provide students with a visual literacy experience which empowers them to become independent learners.

We use the visual literacy strategy to develop a foundation in reading, writing, and comprehension using the following approach: 
  • decoding words with appropriate reading strategies 
  • reading words correctly aloud 
  • creating a visual image of words by looking at pictures to further develop understanding 
  • using words in spoken and written sentences 
  • read passages and stories to enhance comprehension 

One of the very popular camps is the Advanced Reading Camp, designed to provide students entering 2nd and 3rd grade with reading skill development during the summer and also provide a strong start for the new school year.  Many students attend the Advanced Reading Camp for 2 weeks to cover the full range of material in the Advanced Reading Camp course book.

Why First Focus?

The Full Day camps are an accelerated learning experience over one week where students will have a visual literacy experience, which is embedded in all camps. This visual literacy experience provides a framework for critical thinking and comprehension skills that contribute to academic success.

The camps feature three-hour classes in the morning that introduce new academic skills to students, and project-based activities in the afternoon which provide an opportunity to interact with native speakers and use those skills in context.

 Detailed information and a video outlining each camp is available at:

Students who receive a learning experience during the summer show a significantly higher level of skill retention, leading to a higher level of early engagement with the curriculum for the upcoming school year.

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